Double Sided Flex PCB Benefits

  • Layers: Double Sided Flex PCB Benefits

  • Thickness:0.15mm

  • Surface finish:  ENIG

  • Copper thickness:24um

  • Min. hole diameter: 0.25mm

  • Application: consumption

  • Line width/Line spacing:0.15/0.1mm

  • Inventory quantity: 9999

Huihe circuits double sided flex PCB applications

Huihe circuits in the production of double sided flex PCB used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a digital camera, bluetooth, tablet, display, aviation instrument, vehicle navigation, printers, smart apparel and other high-tech products.

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Factory equipment in China

Huihe circuits multilayer flexible PCB manufacturers have automatic production lines, testing equipment, multiple automatic copper sinking wire, automatic exposure machine, LDI exposure machine, flying needle testing machine, automatic AOI optical measuring machine and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, we are professional multilayer flexible PCB manufacturers with large scale, complete equipment, strict management and excellent quality.


Huihe circuits double sided flex PCB benefits

1. Can be used for multi-dimensional space, reduce product weight

2.  High heat resistance, stable size

3. Low comprehensive cost, cost-effective

Principles for designing flex PCB

1. Planning according to the electronics industry IPC-6013, IPC-2223 and MIL-P-50884.

2. Determine the selection of materials.

3. Determine the circuit parameters according to the package form used in circuit designing flex PCB.

4. Determine the location of the wiring and the path of the wire, which will determine the number of conductor layers.

5. According to the current carrying capacity and voltage calculation wire width and spacing.

6. Select the method of wire termination and the size of the through hole, evaluate the bending area and the method of wire termination to determine whether the reinforcement plate is needed.


Double Sided Flex PCB FAQ

1. May I ask whether the documents designed by allegro17.2 for double-sided fpc soft board can be reviewed?
Hello, we do not have this software. Please kindly transfer it to a gerber file. Thank you!

2. Can you offer a quotation for the zip format of the document drawn with PowerPCB?
Hello, that's all right.

3. What is the positive and negative tolerance of your flex PCB?
Hello, the positive and negative tolerance of flex PCB in our company is 0.15MM.

4. Can the flex PCB circuit diagram I drew with Auto CAD be manufactured?
Hello, yes, but there will be a drawing fee.

5. How long will it take to make double sided flex PCB?
Hello, it takes 3-6 days for double sided template and low volume PCB.

Shipping Info

Huihe circuits has selected professional UPS, DHL and FedEx service operators to maintain the best transport record in the industry, and can provide customized international transport services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance and other services to meet the diversified needs of orders.

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