Double Sided Flex PCB Price

  • Layers: Double Sided Flex PCB Price

  • Surface finish:  ENIG

  • Line width/Line spacing:0.08/0.1mm

  • Copper thickness:18um

  • Thickness:0.1mm

  • Min. hole diameter:0.1mm

  • Application: consumption

  • Inventory quantity: 9999

Huihe circuits double sided flex PCB applications

Huihe circuits in the production of double sided flex PCB used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a digital camera, bluetooth, tablet, display, aviation instrument, vehicle navigation, printers, smart apparel and other high-tech products.

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Huihe circuits factory equipment 

Huihe circuits factory is equipped with fully automated production equipment, testing equipment, for comprehensive control of products.


Huihe circuits double sided flex PCB price advantage

1. Save customers the time to find a PCB processing plant.

2. Save customers the time to find the patch assembly plant.

3. Help customers save time to finding materials.
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Huihe circuit flex PCB connector market advantages

1. Rapid miniaturization

Flex PCB connectors are increasingly required in automotive electronics and medical electronics. As one of the main functional accessories of flex PCB, flex PCB connector has become one of the main categories of FPC production. It can be said that the development of flex PCB connector is triggered by flexible circuit board, and has more and more influence.

2. High density integration and high reliability

The flex PCB connector emphasizes high density integration and high reliability, which meets the development needs of electronic products. flex PCB connector is widely used in handheld devices and patient detectors. Due to its light weight, high integration, and high wiring density, the flex PCB connector can also be used in the military and aerospace fields.

3. Good available space and extensive connectivity

FPC products can effectively utilize existing space, not only save cost, but also achieve high wiring density design.

Double Sided Flex PCB FAQ

1. Can you be a flex PCB connector?
Hello, you can do it. 

2. Can we do double sided flex PCB with a special process?
Hello, you can do it. 

3. What is the positive and negative tolerance of your flex PCB?
Hello, the positive and negative tolerance of flex PCB in our company is 0.15MM.

4. What documents should be provided for the production of double sided flex PCB connector?
Hello, our company supports PCB files and gerber files. 

5. How long will it take to make double sided flex PCB?
Hello, it takes 3-6 days for double sided template and low volume PCB.

Shipping Info

Huihe circuits has selected professional UPS, DHL and FedEx service operators to maintain the best transport record in the industry, and can provide customized international transport services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance and other services to meet the diversified needs of orders.

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