Double Sided Flex PCB Service

  • Layers: Double Sided Flex PCB Service

  • Jin Hou:3u

  • Thickness:0.12mm

  • Copper thickness:24um

  • Protective film:27.5um

  • Surface finish:  Gold plated

  • Nickel thickness:2-4um

  • Min. hole diameter:0.3mm

  • Inventory quantity: 9999

  • Application: Automobile wiper

  • Line width/Line spacing:0.15/0.2mm

  • Materials:One and a half double-sided glue-free calendering copper

Double sided flex PCB service applications

Double sided flex PCB manufactured by Huihe circuits is used in high technology products such as drones, digital cameras, Bluetooth, tablets, displays, aviation instruments, in-car navigation, printers, smart wearables, smart homes, photovoltaic equipment and more.


Huihe circuits factory equipment 

Flex PCB manufacturers has automated production lines, testing equipment, multiple automatic copper sinking wires, automatic exposure machine, LDI exposure machine, flying needle testing machine, automatic AOI optical measuring machine and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a professional flex PCB manufacturer with large scale, complete equipment, strict management and high quality.  

Choose the circuit flex PCB Service advantages

1. Brand advantage: excellent leader in the electronic manufacturing industry, professional engineering team, and through international certification quality assurance.

2. High cost performance: manufacturers direct sales, maximize the benefit of customers, product quality in accordance with international standards, product price is better than imported products.

3. Business advantage: a wide range of sales, management by ERP system.

4. Service advantage: to provide one-to-one customer service specialist, perfect after-sales service system.

flex PCB Service advantages.jpg

2 layer flex PCB covering film

One of the unique processes of the FPC manufacturing process is the coating process. Huihe circuits 2 layer flex PCB overlay processing methods include overlay film, screen leakage of overlay layer, photoinduced coating layer, expand the choice range of customers.

Double Sided Flex PCB FAQ

1. Can double sided flex PCB Prototype be expedited?
Hello, our company can express 12 hours, 24 hours.

2. Does your company provide after sales services?
Hello, yes.

3. What is the positive and negative tolerance of your flex PCB?
Hello, the positive and negative tolerance of flex PCB in our company is 0.15MM.

4. Can the flex PCB circuit diagram I drew with Auto CAD be manufactured?
Hello, yes, but there will be a drawing fee.

5. How long does it take to make 2 layer flex PCB?
Hello, it takes 3-6 days for 2-layer flex PCB template and low volume PCB.

Shipping Info

Huihe circuits has selected professional UPS, DHL and FedEx service operators to maintain the best transport record in the industry, and can provide customized international transport services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance and other services to meet the diversified needs of orders.

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